Product analytics
made easy for SMBs

The quick, friendly, and affordable way to get the key product metrics you need to accelerate your business. No code, no fuss, no clutter, and no analytics expertise needed.

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Attract and retain more customers

Start making data-driven decisions in seconds with automatically generated reports

Find product-market fit

Where do my users get stuck? How fast do they get value? How often do users come back? Are my users converting to revenue? Are they dropping off? Answer questions like these in seconds, so you can retain and convert more users to paying customers.

Ship and support features that users want

See which features are the most sticky and which ones are not. Understand how your users are engaging with your product. Tweak and invest in product areas that bring customers back.

Understand how your product is loved

Do users tell others? How many new users are coming from referrals? Is your product's usage spreading across a company? Leverage your most valued users to accelerate your startup's growth.

Code-Free Event Capture
Auto-generated Reports
Blazingly Fast
Point & Click User Flows
Visually Tag High Value Actions
Insanely Secure
Built for Everyone

Analytics has never
felt (or looked) this good


You install the snippet.

Squid takes care of the rest.


Get results in the same time it takes other products to register.


Say goodbye to analytics bloat and useless charts.

Getting started is easy
Squid turns any product into a rich beautiful dashboard of actionable data

Step 1

Add our snippet

It's a single line of code that works with every site and web app. Once installed it automatically captures and tags your user's events.

Step 2

Visually label your events

In just a few quick steps, you can create funnels, user journeys and label high value events and actions. No coding and wasting your developer's valuable time.

Step 3

See your stats

Squid automatically captures and sorts your user events across your website and web app and instantly starts showing your real-time product data.


We keep our pricing simple too!

Get the information you need about your product without wasting your time. Start with a 30-day free trial of Squid Growth or jump right into Squid Starter for free.



per month

up to 1 Million monthly events

Everything you need to get going

1 million events per month

1 project (web application and website)

1 user journey mapping/flow

1 external data connection (i.e., Slack)

3 month data retention

15 custom labeled events

code-free data auto-capture & tagging

dashboards and analytics



per month

up to 1 Million monthly events, then $.00015/event thereafter

Unlimited access for scale

unlimited events

unlimited projects

unlimited journeys

unlimited connections

unlimited data retention

unlimited labeled events

site performance & security metrics

priority support

Frequently Asked Questions

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