Squid: Democratizing Product Analytics for All

Aug 15, 2023


In an age where data is the heartbeat of business, the ability to extract actionable insights should not be limited to a select few. Squid, our innovative product analytics platform, is built on the belief that understanding user behavior and product performance should be accessible to everyone, regardless of their technical background or analytics expertise. But how does Squid stand out from other platforms, such as Amplitude, that often require more technical or analytical proficiency? Let's dig deeper.

Breaking Down Technical Barriers

Traditional product analytics platforms have a high barrier to entry due to the coding skills required for event tracking. This can sideline valuable team members who lack the necessary coding knowledge. Squid addresses this challenge head-on by introducing a code-free operation.

Now, regardless of their technical skills, any team member can set up, track, and interpret key events in the product journey. This democratizes access to data and fosters informed decision-making across the organization, removing bottlenecks often seen in data-driven processes.

Simplifying Analytics for All

Platforms like Amplitude require substantial expertise to interpret data and determine which charts or visualizations best present the data. This steep learning curve can be a roadblock for many users. Squid circumvents this challenge by offering templated analytics. These ready-to-use templates align with industry best practices, letting users extract meaningful insights from their data, without needing to master complex visualization techniques.

Enhancing Data with Visual Labeling and Property Addition

Squid takes its user-friendly approach a step further with visual labeling of key events and property addition. Users can tag and track significant events directly in the interface, creating an at-a-glance understanding of product activities.

Adding properties to these events enriches the data context, providing detailed insights for each event. This in-depth data can then drive targeted and meaningful decisions, letting users respond to trends and insights confidently and swiftly.

Affordable and Accessible Analytics for All

Many product analytics platforms are priced out of reach for many startups or small businesses. Squid turns this around with a commitment to affordability. Our platform is designed to be cost-effective, ensuring businesses of all sizes can leverage the power of product analytics without straining their resources.

How Different Roles Benefit from Squid:

  • Sales Teams: With Squid, sales teams can track and understand customer interactions with the product, helping them identify leads' pain points and preferences. This information can be invaluable in tailoring sales pitches, focusing on features that resonate with the prospective customer's needs, and improving overall conversion rates.

  • Customer Success Teams: By tracking user behavior, customer success teams can gain insights into common issues customers face or features they may not be utilizing fully. These insights can help teams proactively address concerns, improve onboarding and support processes, and ultimately enhance customer satisfaction and retention.

  • Product Managers: Squid provides product managers with an intuitive platform to track and understand product performance and user engagement. By visually labeling key events and using our templated analytics, they can quickly identify which features are resonating with users, where users are dropping off, and where improvements might be needed. This can significantly enhance the decision-making process and product strategy.

  • Analysts: Traditionally, analysts spend a lot of time coding events and building complex charts to analyze data. With Squid's code-free operation and pre-built templates, analysts can dive into data analysis faster. The ability to add properties to events also provides a richer context for analysis, enabling deeper and more nuanced insights.

  • SaaS Founders: Startups and small businesses often operate with limited resources. Squid’s commitment to affordability means that even small SaaS businesses can access powerful product analytics. Moreover, as Squid does not require users to have a deep technical or analytical background, founders can personally dive into the data and extract the insights they need to guide their business strategy.


By breaking down technical barriers, simplifying the analytics process, and maintaining affordability, Squid levels the playing field in product analytics. Now, technical and non-technical users alike can gain valuable insights, enhance user experience, and drive business growth.

The era of data democratization is here, and Squid is proud to be leading the way. Experience the power of accessible, understandable, and actionable analytics with Squid today! Request early access.